How to transfer locked Assets from one address to another (Vault Key NFT)

To be able to transfer locked assets to another address, you first need to learn what a Vault Key is.

Vault Key is a special NFT (ERC721) that is minted and sent to your wallet address upon a successful lock, and as the name says, it’s effectively the Key to your Vault (locked assets). This means whichever address holds the Vault Key, is entitled to Unlock and hold the assets locked behind it (once the set lock period expires).

For example, suppose you just locked 1 Ethereum token and a Flokitar NFT for 1 year, and after 6 months you want to transfer your locked assets to another wallet because your current one might be compromised. All you need to do is transfer your Vault Key NFT to the new wallet address and you’re all set. Once 1 year passes and your 1 Ethereum and Flokitar are released, you just connect your new wallet to the FlokiFi App and initiate the unlock. Your assets will now be transferred into your new wallet!

To transfer your NFT from one address to another, you can use an NFT marketplace interface of your choosing, available on the network you locked your assets on (eg. OpenSea for Ethereum). Or you can use NFT transfer feature on Metamask mobile app (Not supported for desktop browser extension app)

You can find the exact Vault Key and its ID in the Transaction Hash of the asset lock (available on My Vault page)

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