What is FlokiFi Locker?

FlokiFi Locker is the industry’s most innovative crypto locker protocol with key features that include the ability to lock Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens, fungible tokens, NFTs, and multi tokens.

We’re currently the only crypto locker protocol in the industry that allow users to do the following:

  • Lock LP tokens for as long as you want to (billions or trillions of years if you so desire).

  • Lock multiple assets through a single transaction.

  • Lock ERC-1155 multi tokens.

  • Batch lock NFTs.

FlokiFi Locker also allows you to securely lock your digital assets on the following 14 blockchains, making it the most versatile crypto locker protocol in the industry:

  • Ethereum

  • BNBChain

  • opBNB

  • Optimism

  • Arbitrum

  • Base

  • Avalanche

  • Polygon

  • Fantom

  • OKX Chain

  • Kucoin Chain

  • Cronos

  • Dogechain

  • Evmos

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