How to lock Multi Tokens

1. From either Explore or My Vault page, click one of the Lock buttons

2. In the Create New Lock window, select “Multi”

3. On the next step either enter the contract of the Multi token you want to lock or choose a Multi token from the dropdown list, enter the token ID, then click “Continue”

5. After selecting the multi token, input the Amount of tokens you’d wish to lock

6. Now that you entered the amount, choose how long you’d like to keep your Multi tokens locked from the dropdown list. You can select from as short as minutes up to billions of years

  1. If you want to pay the service fee in native token (ETH in ETH chain for instance) instead of USDT, you can enable this option.

  1. You can get a Vault Key as an NFT if you enable this option. It allows you to transfer the ownership of your vault to another wallet. If you don't enable it, you will not get a Vault Key.

  1. Once you’ve selected the lock period and happy to proceed, click the “Continue” to initialize the lock process

8. A series of transactions, from approval to vault creation will appear one after another. Once you confirm them all, the lock process will finish and your newly locked asset will appear in the “My Vault” section of the application.

*Note that Multi tokens cannot be vested

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